Hi! I'm Melanie.

My superpower is helping you optimize your voice so you can be the best version of yourself and do more of what you love.

Join me to learn how you can become the singer, voice teacher, actor, voice therapist, or amazing-voice-using-human of your dreams.

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The Community

This community is for you if...

you're a singer, actor, speaker, SLP, voice teacher, or #voiceenthusiast
you need to know the whole vocal story
you want to synthesize all the voice info out there and figure out 
how to apply it to what you're working on
you get that thereโ€™s no one way to optimize a voice
you want the big picture AND the little details, 
and you want to know how it all comes together
youโ€™re a lifelong learner, someone who enjoys a more eclectic approach
youโ€™re excited to look at voice from a wide range of different perspectives

Whatever your angle, this group places voice at the centre. Like a shiny, multi-faceted diamond, the voice is brilliant when we turn it in the light and see it from all sides.

join the community!


Are you a licensed speech-language pathologist?

I sure am! I have my MSc in speech language pathology, Iโ€™m licensed by CASLPO to work in Ontario, registered with SAC (Speech Language and Audiology Canada), and I have a certificate of clinical competence from ASHA (the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association).

I thought speech therapists worked with kids who lisp. What's with all the voice stuff?

Yes! Many of my colleagues do a lot of awesome stuff related to other areas of communication disorders.  But me? All voice, all day long.  My first degree was a BFA in performance in vocal jazz (and drums, but that's another story).  My second degree was a BEd in senior vocal music and drama.  My third degree was an MSc in SLP where all I talked about was voice.  Ask anybody at Dalhousie! I taught singing for over 25 years, and I've been singing, acting, and doing voiceover work professionally (and for fun!) for more than 25 years. I don't even know how to tell you how much I love voice; just come to a workshop and see for yourself!

Ok, so you do a lot of voice stuff! I can't find any testimonials anywhere. What gives?!

Ah, yes.  The old "we can't use testimonials in a regulated health profession" thing.  Listen, just because I can't share testimonials doesn't mean I'm not happy to connect you to people who have taken my workshops before if you want to hear what they have to say; I'll gladly share anything that will help you feel confident that this is the right track for you.  But let's face it. You're here, right? Which means you're super curious about voice. So... what are you waiting for?!

Where can I learn more about you? How do I contact you?

You can head on over to www.melanietapson.com, or send me an email!

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